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Yachts for Sale
Taranga 30 , бермудский шлюп, сталь
LOA = 9,6м
BOA = 3,2м
D =1.6м
Displ. =7,0т
Sails area:40,0m²
Engine- VolvoPenta 28 (2003г.) Ready for sailing
$ 37.200 US продажа яхт   
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yacht taranga 30 for sale
Yacht Taurus , Red wood
LOA =10.60 м
BOA = 3.70 м
Sail area = 62 м2
T = 2,0 м
Displ. = 5т
1982. Poland.Ready for cruising
Ukraine. To buy yacht : info@amariner.net
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продажа яхт taurus
Wooden centerboard 5.5 Wood
LOA = 5.5m
B =2.44m
Displ. = 0.8т
Draft = 0,4/1,2m
Sail area = 19.5m²
Engine - Mercury 3.3
1992y. Full equipped
$ 10.700USD 
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wooden centerboard
Yacht "Alpha 45 ", ketch , Red wood
LOA = 13,6м
B = 3,6м
Displ. = 14,5т
D = 2,1м (осадка)
Sail area= 80m²
1982. Poland.Ready for cruising
Ukraine. To buy yacht : info@amariner.net
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ketch 45 for sale
Conrad 45 , ketch, red wood
LOA = 14,7m
B = 3,8 m
Displ. = 15,0 т
D = 2,2 m
Sail area= 90 m²
Engine:Toyota 50л.с.
Category A
$80,000 USD .Ready for cruising                   View more >>>
yacht for sale
Yawl Vlocka Steel
LOA = 17.0m
B =3.6m
Displ. =17.0т
Draft = 2.75m
Sail area =120.0m²
Engine - D-240
1972,.Equipped and ready for sailing
Located in Ukraine
17.000 Euro  
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steel yawl for sale
"Irida" 48, bermusa sloop , Steel
LOA = 14,5m
B = 5,0m
Displ. = 16,1т
D = 2,3m
Sail area= 116m²
Engines:2 x VolvoPenta - 55hp.
Ready for use info@amariner.net
$400.000US !!                 View more >>>
yacht brokerage
yacht for sale - Neptun 20 , GRP
LOA =6.2m
B =2.20m
Displ. = 1.5т
Draft = 0,35/1,42m
Sail area = 18.5m²
Ready for sailing
9,100 Евро                   View more >>>
buying yacht
"Freestyle" 21, wood, GRP
LOA = 7,0m
B = 1,7m
Displ. = 0,8t
D =1,5m
Sail area = 35m²
Engine: «Honda»-2,3 outboard
2003. Ready for racing
Ukraine, To buy yacht: info@amariner.net
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racing sailing boat

Hull for sale, Plywood + GRP
LOA = 12,0м (длина)
B =3.9м (ширина)
With deck, Ready to be painted
Price - 23.000евро

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yacht hull for sale

Yacht hull-41 Wood, GRP
LOA = 12,5м (длина)
B =4.2м (ширина)
With deck, finished. Ready to be painted $25.600USD 

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yacht hull for sale
Powerboat Silverton 312 grp.
LOA = 10,3м
B = 3,8м
Двигатель - 2 х 250, 386m/h
Good equipped
1995y location Ukraine
$120.000 US
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powerboat for sale
Motorboat Glide 460 for sale , Alum.
LOA = 4,70м
B = 2,0м
Displ. = 0,4т
Recommended outboard power. 30 - 60hp.
Crew- 4
Ready for drive
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motorboat for sale
Motorboat Wind 320for sale , Alum.
LOA = 5,20м
B = 2,15м
Displ. = 0,5т
Recommended outboard power. 60 - 115hp.
Crew- 6
Ready for drive
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motor boat for sale
Powerboat Bavaria 37 Стеклопласт.
LOA = 12,0м
B = 4,0м
Двигатель - 2 х D6-330 EVC/DPH Volvo
Full equipped
2008. located Ukraine
$350.000 US
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Bavaria 37 powerboat катер на продажу
Centerboard Fanclub 32 GRP
LOA = 9.5m
B =3.0m
Displ. =4.2т
Draft = 0,5/1,6m
Sail area = 40.0m²
Engine - Volvo 20
1998,.Equipped and ready for sailing
Located in Poland, delivery to Lviv for free
$ 47.000USD 
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швертбот 9,5 метров на продажу
Yacht for sale"Topcha",1/4 тоnn , Wood
LOA = 7,8м
B = 2,4м
Displ. = 1,6т
Draft = 1,1м
Sail area=37m²
Engine - no
5 years afloat. Very goodl condition.
Ukraine. Buy yach : info@amariner.net
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yacht buy and sale
Yacht for sale Micro 5.5, Fin ,GRP
LOA = 5.5m
B =2.49m
Displ. = 0.55t
Draft = 1.20m
Sails = 18.5m².Set of 5 sails
Outboard "Mercury" 4 л.с., 2007, Trailer, Chartplotter,GPS,sound,furling gear etc.
1989, Ready for sailing.
Location: Odessa, Ukraine
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yacht for sale
Yacht Assol 5.5, Sloop, fin keel GRP
LOA = 5,53m
B = 1,96m
Displ. = 1,1t
D = 1.1m
Sail area= 16m²,Main, staysail, spinnaker
Renovated in 2007. Ready for family cruiling and races.
Location: Kherson, Ukraine
$6.950US               View more >>>
Outboard:Johnson 2.5hp. $850 US
yacht for sale
Luxucruiser Flamingo 393, Aluminium
LOA = 12,0м
B = 3,70м
Displ. = 7,76т
Engine - VolvoPenta 2 X 260 h.p.
New.Fully equipped. Ready for using
Location: Kherson, Ukraine
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продается люкс-круизер
Jet motorboat for sale, GRP
LOA = 7,5м
B = 2,0м
Displ. = 2,0т
D = 0,5м (осадка)
Engine - Mitsubishi 180л.с.
Ready for using
Location: Kherson, Ukraine
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jet motorboat for sale
Luxucruiser BIRCHWOOD 360,GRP.
LOA = 11,0м
B = 3,75м
Displ. = 7,5т
Engine - Volvo Penta, 520л.с.
ТV, DVD, GPS, etc,etc.
Ready for cruising
Location: Tampere, Finland
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luxucruiser for sale
Yacht Albatros 9,1, bermuda sloop , Wood+GRP
LOA = 9.10m
B = 2.10m
Displ. = 3.3t
D = 1.5m
Парусность = 36m², Main+2 headsails
Engine:СМ 557, 13hp.Trailer. Ready for sailing cruises and races.
Location: Kherson, Ukraine
$7.800US                   View more >>>
yacht for sale
Yacht for sale Nessy 6.5 , aluminium
LOA = 6.5м
B = 1.8м
Displ. = 2.2т
D = 1.26м
Sail area=18m² - 4 sails.
Engine - no
Ready for cruising and races
Location: Kherson, Ukraine
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Yacht Nessy 5.5
Bavaria 34, bermuda sloop, GRP
LOA = 10.20m
B = 3.45m
Displ. = 4.7t
Draft = 1.5m
Sail area = 55m²
VolvoPenta 30h.p. 2001, full equipment, ready for sailing and cruising.
Location: Kherson, Ukraine
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Yacht for sale.
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Services and equipments

Boat Yard "Altair". Yacht builing in Kherson, Ukraine
Our boat yard performs yacht building and repairing of any type of sailing yachts and motor-boats. "Altair" has all needed either equipment, machinery and experienced and skilled staff to build and repair wooden, steel and GPR boats and sailing yacht              View more >>>

постройка яхт, yacht building in Ukraine

Boat Yard "Flagman MK"
Boat yard "Flagman MK " is a licensed builder of wooden sailing yachts "Madeira 44" in Kherson, Ukraine.

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Boat yard Flagman MK

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