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Yacht for Sale
Meri 18 , sloop, centerboard , продажа яхт, 2007year
LOA =5,5м (длина)
BOA = 2,4м (ширина)
D = 0,3/1,35м (осадка)
Displ. = 1,3т (водоизмещение)
Sail area = 19.5m² (площадь парусности)
almost new yacht
7000 Euro                  
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centerboard for sale
Siwik 24, sloop, продажа яхтcenterboard, 2008
LOA =7,2м
BOA = 2,5м
Draft = 0,3/1,35м
Displ. = 1,3т
Sail area = 28m2 (площадь парусности)
Engine Tohatsu 9.8B EPL .New boat
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yacht for sale
Yacht Princess. 3/4 tonn IOR,sloopWood + GRP
LOA = 9,0м
B = 3,05м
Displ. = 3,2т
D = 1,8м
Sail - huge set of sails
1999. Ready for cruising and races
To buy yachtу: info@amariner.net
37,900 Еuro
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Omega 40 "Mariya", sloop, продажа яхтWood
LOA = 12.0m
B = 3.40m
Displ. = 6.8т
D = 1.6m
Sail area = 95m² (парусность)
Engine: Sitroen 25л.с.
2005. Ready for cruising
90.000 Euro                 
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продажа яхт
Favorit 251, sloop, fin keel продажа яхтGRP
LOA = 7.62м
BOA = 2,69м
D = 1,6м
Displ. = 1,6т (
sail area=40m² - main,staysail,spinnaker
Engine--8 hp. Ready for racing
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yacht for sale
"Viva 600", centerboard, GRP
LOA = 6,15m
B = 2,49m
Displ. = 1,1т
D =1,22m
Sail area = 18m²
Category СЕ - С
Ukraine.To buy yacht : info@amariner.net
from 23.850Euro
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продается яхта
C 30 "Janeta" , Sloop, продажа яхтGRP
LOA = 9,15m
B = 3.06m
Displ. = 3,4т
D = 1.57m
Sail area= 45m²
Engine Vetus 21л.с.
1999г.в. Ready for sailing. Ukraine
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yacht for sale
Trinity 42, trimaran, wood,GRP
LOA = 12.75m
B =9.75m
Displ. = 8.0t
Draft = 0.6m
Sail area = 93m²
Engine Lister Peter 44h.p.
2005, full equipment, ready for cruising.
Location: Kherson, Ukraine
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Sailing trimaran Trinity 42.Yacht for sale
Yacht for sale Chaika 7.5,aluminium
LOA = 7,45м
B = 2,5м
Displ. = 1,8т
D = 1,36м
Sail area=35m² - 5 sails.
Engine - no
Ready for cruising and races
Location: Kherson, Ukraine
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yacht Chaika for sale
"Polaris 765", GRP
LOA = 7.65m
B = 2.54m
Displ. = 1.8т
D = 1,55m
Sail area = 33m²
Categor СЕ - В
New. Full equipped
Ukraine. Buy yacht info@amariner.net
from 32.500Euro
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яхта на продажу
"Oriyana 21 ", GRP
LOA = 6,12m
B = 2,38m
Displ. = 1,45т
D =0.3|1.33m
Sail area = 22.6m²
Двигатель Mercury 3.3
2007. Additional equipment
Ukraine. To buy yach: info@amariner.net
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швертбот орияна 21 продается
Yacht Vlada 1/2 tonn, sloop Wood+GRP
LOA = 9,53м
B = 2,33м
Displ. = 3,3т
D = 1,45м
Sail area=39m², Huge set of sals
Engine: Ruggerine 27hp.
1991. Ready for cruising and racing.
21.200 Еuro
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yacht for sale
Folkboat , Sloop, Wood, GRP
LOA = 7,75м
B = 2,2м
Displ. = 2,0т
D = 1,30м
Sail area=30m²
Rebuilded in 2008
Ukraine. Buy yacht info@amariner.net
26,000 Euro
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Роодается яхта Фолькобот
Yacht for sale "Liman 59",Steel
LOA = 17,94 m
B = 5,24 m
Displ. = 34,00 т
Draft = 2,35 m
Sail area = 205 m² (парусность)
Engine:Yanmar 125л.с.
Readiness 75%
727 970 Euro for ready yacht  View more
yacht for sale
Micro 5.5 , GRP
LOA = 5.5m
B =2.45m
Displ. = 0.45t
Draft = 0.25m
Sail area = 18.5m² .
2007, Engine - Mercury 3.3 new,
full equipment, ready for racing.
Location: Kherson, Ukraine
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продам яхту микро класса
Margo 33, bermuda sloop,wood,GRP
LOA = 10.00m
B = 3.15m
Displ. = 3.7t
Draft = 1.6m
Sail area = 45m²
1988,Yanmar 18h.p. Full equipment. Ready for sailing and cruising.
Location: Kherson, Ukraine
$42.000US                   View more >>>
yacht Atlas 25, sloop ,GRP, 1982
LOA =7.5м
B = 2.5м
Displ. = 2.3т
D = 1.1м
Sails - main,genoa,spinnaker
Engine Yamaha 8 л.с. outboard
Good condition
Ukraine. Buy yacht - info@amariner.net
9,700 Еuro
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yacht for sale
Yacht Catran 800, sloop ,GRP
LOA = 8,0м
B = 2.55м
Displ. = 1.4т
D = 1,5/2,.0м
Sail area - 86 sq.m.
Dedicated for sailing races
Harken and lewmar equipped
Ukraine. To buy yacht: info@amariner.net
38,000 Еuro
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racing yacht catran 800 for sale
Sophia 62, bermuda sloop, steel
LOA = 18.94m
B = 5.2m
Displ. = 27.4 t
Draft = 2.75m
Sail area =195m²
Engine: VolvoPenta D3 - 110hp
2008, fully equipment, ready for cruising.
Location: Nikolaev, Ukraine
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sailing yacht sophia 60 for sale

Yacht hull for sale ,"Bavaria 41" Wood+GRP
LOA = 12,5м
B = 4.2м
Hull with desk, ready for paining, stand support
Location: Kherson, Ukraine

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yacht hull
Yacht Assol 5.5, centerboard, sloop GRP
LOA = 5,53m
B = 1,96m
Displ. = 1,1t
D = 0.9m
Парусность = 16m²,
Ready for sailing
location: Kherson, Ukraine
$4.800US                      view more >>>
yacht brokerage
Schooner "Tango" for sale , steel
LOA = 21,0mпродажа яхт
B =3,8m
Displ. =44т
Draft =1,65m
Sails: large kit of sails
Engine: 3Д6 150h.p.+generator
5 separate cabins plus saloon. Ready for long term cruising and diving.
2006,Ukraine. contact:info@amariner.net
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yacht for sale schooner

Catamaran for sale 'Sindbad" , Wood+GRP
LOA = 11,6m
B =6,0m
Displ. = 4,0т
D = 0,65m
2 kits of sails
Engine: Yamaha 15 h.p.,
2005. Ready for cruising.
Ukraine. contact : info@amariner.net
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яхта на продажу катамаран
Scooner ,Steel
LOA = 25,5mпродажа яхт
B = 5,0m
Displ. =45т (
Draft =1,3m
Engine ЯМЗ 160л.с
12 berth, Cruising, diving
1994, Ukraine,To buy info@amariner.net
96.000 Euro
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продается шхуна парусно - моторная
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Services and equipments

UA Sail - sailmaking workshop
UA SAIL is a sail workshop in Kherson, Ukraine, started its work in 1995. Since this time the sailmaking has constantly been developing and the new methods of design and sailmaking were applied in industry. Order the sails in Ukraine              View more >>>

парусная мастерская  Ua Sail
MPG-CAP™ Fuel additive
Increased mileage per gallon We guarantee a minimum of 10%, Increased power. You can feel the difference as you drive. Increased performance. Your vehicle will purr like a kitten. Reduces emmisions. up to 75%Never worry about passing the emissions test again.
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fuel additive
yacht hardware VIADANA
Yacht Equipment

Hardware and other equipment. Competitive price with optimal quality. Order via info@amariner.netdiscount up to 30% View catalogue

Price list
yacht equipment hardware
Sea experience
Do you need sea mileage? Get it aboard yacht Mriya. Skilled instructors. Black Sea region.
sea experience
Spinnaker for 1/4 tonne yacht
SL- 8.31
SMW 4.64
Was hoisted one time only
Call: 80589299229
 продам Спинакер на четвертонник
Spinnaker for 1/4 tonne yacht
SL= 8.36
SMW= 5.4
spinnaker for sale
Headsail, Hood, England
Luff = 11.3m
Foot = 5.6m
Dacron 400 gr/m²
staysail for sale

Fin, bulb keel producing
Welded fin keel producing for any type of yachts. Design and drawings.
Picture: Our job - steel fin bulb keel for 33ft yacht after welding. Vol=150 l. 

 Contact:  info@amariner.net

yacht keel producing

Blocks, hooks, stoppers etc
from "Wichard" (England) for sale

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карабины, стопора, блоки, карабин, блок, стопор
Storm jib
Luff = 9.5m
Dacron TNF 350 gr/m²
продается стаксель

Wood for sailing yacht building

Contact:  info@amariner.net

red wood for yachts
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